CISV Pittsburgh was founded in 1989, and since then we have provided over 750 students the opportunity to participate in CISV programs worldwide. In order for CISV Pittsburgh to offer outbound experiences, we are required to host reciprocal programs locally for students who are members of CISV chapters worldwide.

Every year, our local community of dedicated and passionate volunteers donate their time and creativity to run our chapter, mentor our Junior Branch, provide support for local activities, and to host international programs. They all share a common goal of creating experiences where children, youth and adults learn to break stereotypes, make friends and develop skills to build bridges across cultures. Our work wouldn’t be possible if it were not for these committed volunteers who offer their time in running our activities and operations at all levels of our organization.

CISV Pittsburgh meets every first Sunday of the month (except during the summer). Our meetings include separate content for adults and juniors, although some meetings provide CISV educational content for the entire group. We work together to bring CISV principles to Pittsburgh, by organizing various activities within the community and with community partners.

Exciting volunteering opportunities
Are you interested in learning more about the sort of things you could do in CISV? Find out more about available opportunities here.

Convinced? Get involved…and make a difference!
So, are you interested in volunteering? We have openings on our executive board and various committees. Each year, we also have the need for adult leaders to accompany delegations to international programs.

Make a difference …
In someone else’s life and help us offer a life-changing experience for a child.

In your local community and take part in CISV Mosaic activities to help build friendship in your own community.

In the global community and help CISV change attitudes, perspectives and lives.

In your own life and gain leadership experience and many more skills while having an exciting and fun volunteering experience.