Pittsburgh Junior Branch (JB) is part of the East-Midwest Region of JB USA, along with JB Cincinnati, JB Columbus, and JB Northeast Ohio.

2017-18 Junior Board – CISV Pittsburgh

The Junior Branch is self-governing by their elected board. The board consists of the following positions and a description of each role:

Local Board Positions

President – The JB President is tasked with making sure the board works as a cohesive group, making sure all events, activities and projects are running smoothly. In addition, the President ensures that the JB Board and the Adult Board are working together proactively. The JB President serves a minor role in JB USA; each JB’s President gets a vote as JB USA elects its National Junior Representative (NJR) each year. Additionally, the JB Presidents are responsible for planning the Regional Mini Camp (RMC) each year.

Vice President – The JB Vice President spends their first year as VP in preparation for being President the following year. As the year progresses, the VP will take on more of the responsibilities that come with being President. In addition, the VP is responsible for organizing the annual Cookie Bake, as well as helping to facilitate the JB board elections each spring.

Secretary – The JB Secretary has the task of making sure everything the board does is documented, especially decisions that will affect the future of JB (such as changes to the bylaws and minutes from board meetings).

Treasurer – The JB Treasurer keeps track of all JB funds, making sure the JB is accountable for what funds are raised as well as what is invested into activities for the chapter. The Treasurer also maintains open communication with the Treasurer of the Adult Board.

Historian – The Historian is tasked with documenting the activities of the chapter, including: taking photographs at events, sharing details of events with the chapter-at-large, as well as operating the chapter’s social media accounts.

In addition to the specific responsibilities outlined above, each board member shares an equal work load in terms of planning events, facilitating activities, and any other tasks that need to be done. Elections for board positions take place in the spring, usually the beginning of May.

In addition to local leadership opportunities, the JB has national positions that are available for students.

National Positions JB USA

National Mini Camp Committee (NMCC) – elected committee members who are tasked with planning and facilitating National Mini Camp (NMC). NMC takes place every year over Memorial Day weekend (Friday – Monday). Committee members are selected in October at the National Junior Branch Meeting (NJBM) in Cincinnati. The Committee convenes at Winter Planning (date and location vary from year-to-year) to implement the bulk of the planning.

National Junior Board of Trustees (NJBoT) –  The NJBoT is JB USA’s governing body. They have the power to create and vote on motions that can alter anything about how JB USA operates.  In addition to voting on motions, the NJBoT creates various projects and other content for JB USA.

National Youth Committee (NYC) – The NYC has a few different jobs, all geared towards making sure JB USA progresses the way it should. Each of the five members are assigned to a region of JB USA, and maintains frequent communication with that region’s JB Presidents, to ensure that their JB’s are progressing well, and also to assist in the planning of the Regional Mini Camp.  The NYC also plans and facilitate the JB portion of Chapter Development weekend, which serves to make sure incoming JB Presidents are prepared for the position they are about to take on.

National Junior Representatives (NJRs) – The NJRs are the (two) head(s) of JB USA. The NJRs have the large task of making sure the entirety of JB USA is running smoothly (and advancing), as well as cooperating with CISV USA in their endeavors. One NJR is the chair of the NYC, while the other is the chair of the NJBoT.  The NJRs also represent JBUSA in International JB.


2017-18 Junior Board Officers - Pittsburgh

NameOfficeEmail AddressAdditional
Peyton KleinLocal Junior Representative
Silas SwitzerJr Local Junior Representativesmswitzer@verizon.net
Sophia WynnTreasurer
Laura KellySecretary
Dani JordanHistorian/Social Media
Olivia KnauerService Project Chair
Nancy GolioCo-Adult JB Advisornancy.golio@gmail.com2015-17 National Step Up Program Chairperson
2016-18 National Leader Trainer
Ali PabrinkisCo-Adult JB Advisoralipabs@gmail.com2017 Village Director


Past Junior Board Presidents

Since 1989, CISV Pittsburgh has been fortunate to have the following individuals lead the Junior Branch:
NameYear(s) servedHigh School - Class ofUniversityField of Study
Matt Frischmann2004-2005Peters Township High School - 2005Wittenberg UniversityBiology
Reed Koenig2005-2006Riverview High School - 2006University of RochesterPolitical Science
Stephanie Sheffler2006-2007Mount Lebanon High School - 2009
Marist College Communications
Alexander Cook2007-2008Upper St. Clair - 2008Universty of Michigan; University of Miami School of LawInternational Economics; Law
Nate Blecher2008-2009Upper Saint Clair - 2011Washington University in St. Louis; University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Biochemistry; Medicine
Eva Petzinger2009-2010Taylor Allderdice - 2011Dartmouth CollegeCognitive Science and English
Ramsey Daniels2010-2011Winchester Thurston - 2011Skidmore CollegeEnglish; Economics
Alexandra Hart2011-2012Taylor Allderdice High School - 2012American UniversityInternational Studies, Political Science
Rosalie Daniels &
Josh Zak
2012-2013Winchester Thurston School - 2013 &
Taylor Alderdice High School - 2013
Georgetown University &
Carnegie Mellon University
International Politics and Foreign Policy Processes, certificate in Justice and Peace Studies &
Materials Chemistry
Janis Petzinger2013-2014Taylor Allderdice High School - 2014University of St. AndrewsArt History and Management
Dighan Kelly2014-2015Taylor Alderdice High School - 2016
University of PittsburghUrban Studies and French
Charlie Wolfson2015-2016Taylor Alderdice High School - 2016
Northeastern UniversityJournalism
Drew Klein2016-17Taylor Alderdice High School 2017American University