So, you heard about CISV from a friend or colleague and you’re interested in learning more? We are excited to share CISV with you and hope it will encourage you to dig a little deeper into what we offer at the local level in addition to travel opportunities. We are going to start at the beginning, then lead you into what’s happening here with CISV Pittsburgh.


Watch this documentary. It’s a little older, but you get the idea! Best part is, it was produced by a young CISV member. It is a great way to learn about how we got started.



Another documentary! This one is about 9+ minutes and is an updated look into CISV and what it means to be a part of our global organization.



The documentaries are great, right? Next it’s important to mention that CISV members are not required to travel to be a part of the Junior Branch. We offer monthly activities and yearly service projects, so your child can become a part of an organization that is inclusive and fun! Here is a list of things you might expect from CISV Pittsburgh each year:

  • Monthly chapter meetings – local opportunity to connect with other kids. Meetings include adult meeting, Junior Branch meeting and CISV peace education activities. What is a peace education activity? Activities are age-appropriate, informal and experiential. Learning by doing, combined with our focus on building friendship, achieves lasting learning outcomes that impact on our participants emotionally and in their everyday lives.
  • Community partners – we associate with like-minded organizations here in Pittsburgh in order to broaden our perspective and make a local impact. Some partners include: AJAPO, Children of Shangri-Lost, Welcoming Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Citiparks, Ten Thousand Villages®, World Refugee Day and Pittsburgh Foundation, just to name a few.
  • Yearly recognition – we honor specific days each year that fall in line with our values. These include: Earth Day, Global Youth Service Day, World Refugee Day and International Peace Day.
  • Yearly activities – we have traditional events that take place each year to promote CISV and to just have a little fun! These include:
    • January – Chapter and JB Mini Camp and Selection
    • February – Cookie Bake Fundraiser
    • March – Regional Mini Camp (TBD each year, dates vary)
    • April – Global Youth Service Project
    • May – National Mini Camp (hosted by a CISV USA chapter)
    • June – Bon Voyage Picnic and World Refugee Day
    • August – Junior Branch Car Wash Fundraiser
    • September – Chapter Retreat and Peace One Day
    • October – CISV In Motion
    • November – Annual Pasta Dinner and Program Reveal
  • Locally hosted programs – in order for our chapter members to attend CISV programs worldwide, we are required to host programs locally. There are a variety of ways to get involved and a great step is to become a host family. Becoming a host family is a short commitment (no longer than a few days), but gives you the opportunity to meet CISV delegates from around the world.


In addition to local programming, we offer opportunities to travel to CISV International Programs. Each November, we reveal our program invitations for the following year. To learn what programs are currently available, check out this year’s Programs. Opportunities will vary each year by destination and can take place in winter, spring or summer. All will fall into these categories:

CISV Programs

ProgramAge GroupDurationDelegation
Village1128 days2 boys, 2 girls, adult leader
Step Up14 or 15
23 days2 boys, 2 girls, adult leader
Interchange12-1328 days3 boys, 3 girls, adult leader
Youth Meeting12-13, 14-15, 16-18 or 19+8 or 15 daysIndividual or delegation
Seminar Camp17-18 21 daysIndividual
Junior Counselor16-17
28 daysIndividual
Leaders21+Will vary, depending on program typeLeaders are required for Village, Step Up, Interchange and possibly Youth Meeting
MosaicAll agesVariesAll are welcome
Int'l People's Project19+14-23 daysIndividual


You have learned a lot and you’re ready to take the next step to become a local member. That’s great! Keep these things in mind as you take the next step:

  • Family involvement is critical to CISV’s success and longevity. If your child is applying to attend a program, you must budget at least 20 hours per year to volunteer and support our chapter. Your child is benefiting from a CISV hosting chapter and their volunteers. We must reciprocate and help support our local chapter!
  • Being selected as a delegate for one of our programs is a commitment. From the time your child applies, they will attend a selection event and interview for their position. If selected, your family should make program preparations a priority. We realize that families are busy, but your child’s safety and preparation is your first concern and IT IS OUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY.


Plug in! CISV Pittsburgh has several ways you can connect with us:

  • Attend a chapter meeting. Here’s a calendar of upcoming meetings: CALENDAR
  • Register to receive our montly newsletter: SUBSCRIBE NOW
  • Email us. Let us know you’re interested in learning more: CISV PITTSBURGH

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about CISV and our local chapter!