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A camp-based program for 11-year olds lasting 28 days

CISV Village is an international camp that inspires 11-year-old children to imagine a more just and peaceful world. The children come together from many different countries to take part in a variety of educational, cultural and fun activities.

Each Village welcomes delegations from 10-12 countries. Each delegation has two boys and two girls, accompanied by an adult leader. The camp is coordinated by adult staff, supported by Junior Counselors (age 16-17).

A Village creates a safe, fun setting in which your child will learn, with children from around the world, about each others’ lives and cultures and how to communicate, cooperate and live together. The Village learning experiences, and the friendships made, will last your child a lifetime.

2017 Programs - Village

Program #LocationDateDelegationDelegate Age
V-2017-010Guangzhou, China7/19/17 - 8/15/172 boys, 2 girls, adult leader11

The Pittsburgh Chapter of CISV USA has the opportunity to send delegations to the two Villages shown above. As one of several factors to be considered in forming delegations to attend these Villages, we would like to know which Village your child would prefer to attend, if he/she were selected to be part of these delegations. If your child has no preference, please check “No Preference” when completing the survey for 2017 Family and Delegate Information survey.

If your son or daughter would be unable or unwilling to attend any of the Village locations for reasons of cost, timing or any other reason, and does not want to be considered for that location, please so indicate. (It is not necessary to state the reason.) Bear in mind, however, that rejecting one Village location will not improve the applicant’s chances of being selected for the remaining Villages. In expressing a preference for a certain location, remember that Villages all over the world are operated in a similar manner, and that the Village experience is much the same regardless of the country in which it is held. While a foreign Village is likely to involve added experiences of dealing with foreign airports, currencies, languages, and family life during travel and the two home stays, the time spent in these activities is a small part of the month-long Village. Domestic Village programs are as international in participants and content as programs which require international travel; both types of programs are the same in length and design.

Where possible, we will try to accommodate your child’s preferences when forming delegations, but there is no assurance that any selected delegate will receive his or her preferred Village.

2017 Application Instructions - Village

Applicant InformationLinkComplete online form.
Application InstructionsViewPrint Instructions. Follow directions carefully.
Youth Delegate ApplicationYouth Delegate ApplicationLink will take you to CISV Central. Download application (which is fillable), complete, print and sign.
Village Application SupplementVillage Youth Application SupplementPrint, complete and sign.
Fee Schedule and Family Support Agreement2017 Fee Schedule and Family Support AgreementPrint and sign.
Youth Delegate ReferenceLInkShare online link with (2) referral sources.
Parent Commitment FormLinkComplete online form.
Application FeeLinkPayPal link to pay Application fee online. $3 charge applies. You may pay $105 if mailing in your payment.

Please follow the guidelines on the Instructions portion of the application process, in order to properly submit your application.